It’s our thesis!!

book by jack lavey* & sarah hirsch*
music by erica huang*

directed by sarah shin*

Boston University College of Fine Arts
855 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA 02215
Sunday May 5th
| 7:30pm
Tuesday, May 7th | 7:30pm
Wednesday, May 8th | 7:30pmS

As a young person about to enter the “adult,” “real” world, it’s pretty much impossible to be present for everything in your life. What happens if you’re able to stop time for a little bit? Are the people in your life exactly who you think they are, and are your relationships with them what you think they are? Maybe they are something else. See what can happen through a series of short stories during one rainstorm in Boston.

Through this musical that we created, wrote, and will eventually perform, we hope to tell these stories honestly and to empower our audiences to create something all on their own. We welcome you to our community.

Celebrate the culmination of eight months of committed, healthy, and sustainable creative process that contains our deepest values and honors our authentic selves.

Cast & Creative Team

Performers – Jack Lavey*, Sarah Hirsh*, Sarah Shin*, Erica Huang*, Jem Oshins, Conrad Sundqvist-Olmos
Stage Management
– Jordana Roet
Scenic Design – Sarah Hirsch* and Sam Mastrati
Props – Aria Pegg
Lighting Design – Matt Robson
Sound Design – Erica Huang
Costume Design – Jack Lavey

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