I first met with ZAPI Artists almost 5 months ago to discuss the beginning of a virtual cabaret…and on December 12 it finally premiered!! Check out the show below!

The proceeds from this production will be distributed to the Asian American Advocacy Fund, the Black Trans Travel Fund, and the API artists who collaborated on this event. 

Produced by Cindy Tsai 
Directed by Sarah Shin
Music Supervised by Cynthia Meng
Video Editing by Jasmine Hope Veridiano
Additional Video Editing by Cindy Tsai, Kyle Tristan Chua
Audio Mixing by Erica Huang
Co-hosted by Cindy Tsai, Sofia Khwaja 


“All I Wanna Do” – Helen Park and Max Vernon (cut song from KPOP)
   Performed by Toren Nakamura
“A591” – Isabella Dawis and Tidtaya Sinutoke (HALF THE SKY)
   Performed by Michael Maliakel and Kendyl Yokoyama
“Take A Leap” – Cheeyang Ng and Eric Sorrels
   Performed by Shuyan Yang
   Piano: Yan Li
“My Annie O” – Rona Siddiqui (LETTERS TO THE PRESIDENT)
   Performed by Kim Blanck
   Piano: Ted Arthur
   Guitar: Michiko Egger
   Prologue: Kyle Tristan Chua
   Performed by Aya Aziz and Waseem Alzer
“I Don’t Look” – Melissa Li and Kit Yan (INTERSTATE)
   Performed by Sushma Saha and Tessa Chan Southwell
   Piano: Jessie Rosso
   Guitar: Michiko Egger
   Various Household Items: Cynthia Meng
“Almusal” – J. Oconer Navarro
   Performed by Lydia Gaston
“What Makes A Man” – Jay Kuo (ALLEGIANCE)
   Performed by Kennedy Kanagawa 
   Piano: Chris Kong
“Clairvoyant” – Adam Gwon (SCOTLAND, PA)
   Performed by Zachary Noah Piser, Cindy Tsai, Tessa Chan Southwell, Alex Nguyen, and Naomi Li
   Piano: Cynthia Meng
“Wildflower” – Ari Afsar (JEANNETTE)
   Performed by Shivani Rustagi and Sofia Khwaja    Guitar: Michiko Egger

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