Diana Oh’s third installation is coming April 20th 1-4pm at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston!! I’ve been playing with Diana all year as what they’ve named a Love Nurse (aka Production Assistant), and I’m so excited to be involved in a way that’s a bit different for this one 😉

“As Artist-In-Community Resident at A.R.T., Oh and a group of Queer and Trans Identified Powerhouse Influencers of Color, at the invitation of the artist, will strike a pose for portrait painting that celebrates queer magic and QPTOC love. They’ll each showcase their own personal fashion aesthetic in a staged tableau at the ICA. A commissioned artist will paint their portrait, and you are invited to observe, muse, sketch, or take in the beauty and applaud! Drawing materials provided; participants also welcome to bring personal sketchbooks and pencils.

The Artist in Their Element is created and staged by Diana Oh in collaboration with artists of the Boston community. The event is the third installment in the artist’s Clairvoyance series.”

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