I will be taking on the role of “Syme” in 1984 at BU School of Theatre, directed by Clay Hopper! Performances run February 28 – March 3 in the Jewels 2 Miller Studio Theatre.

“The nature of truth and objective fact have recently been called into profound question by leaders in this country. Concurrently with this development is a growing global acceptance of authoritarian tendencies in liberal democracies and the adoption of a ubiquitous communication technology that collects, preserves, and uses data on each one of us. This can best be described as creating an “opt-in” surveillance state. All of this makes Orwell’s prophetic and dystopic 1984 particularly timely, and a necessary tool to critique the forces at work right now in our society.

This production is also an experiment: a novel collaboration between School of Theatre, School of Visual Arts, and BU’s Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. We are attempting to utilize projection mapping and computational vision technology to create a projectionscape that interacts with actors in real time.

1984 seemed a logical fit for such an experiment. The hope is that we can begin to use projection technology in ways that further the theatrical art form, not just add to it, and hopefully create a digital tool for projections to be used in future productions.”

Clay Hopper

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